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The Commercial

This video shows our shop inside and out. It shows many of our wonderful displays that our co-workeers have done to show off every treasure we hold. It also, shows our beautiful staff that will help you find the perfect piece for your loved one.

Sarah's Lesson

During this video, Sarah explains different pieces that we have at the shop. She gives a little background information to our history. She explains how new diamond cuts are different from older diamond cuts. The older diamonds, such as the European cut and Old Mine cut, have larger tables which is the surface on top of the diamond where the newer diamonds have a smaller table.

Wedding Show

This video show the many different pieces that we have to offer the new brides. It shows diamond rings and the bands to go with the rings. Also, whatever jewelry you wish to have for that special day!

Buying Commercial

In this commercial, we have decided to make a buying approach to our customers. We wanted to get the want to get the word out that we not only sell amazing pieces but we do but pieces and find them good homes. Another little fun fact is that we never melt or try to take about our jewelry, we try our hardest to keep the piece in its original condition and make the piece ready for its new life.