A Puff of My Camel Cigarette


One Of A Kind.


A Puff of My Camel Cigarette is a 14 karat White Gold Art Deco Lady Smoking a Cigarette Cameo Pin.  This Lady has a pretty profile with her thick hair framing her face and draping down her neck.  There is a bouquet of flowers in her hair with the leaves gracefully jetting out.  She is adorned with a White Gold small Diamond Necklace.  She appears content smoking a “Camel” in her hand (the popular cigarette of the 1920’s) complete with a carved puff of smoke.   This Pin can also be worn as a Pendant as there is a hinged bale at the top that can be hidden when worn as a Pin.  This Pin measures 2 1/4 x 1 3/4″.  Circa 1920’s.